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Fly fishing Gail Lesachtal for Loncium guests

Ruggedly picturesque angling adventures on holiday

Fly fishing at the Gail river in the Lesachtal – a dream for all anglers. The Gail is the third-longest Carinthian river with numerous fishing spots in the ruggedly picturesque nature that runs along its 120 km. Explore some of the best fly fishing regions up to the source of the river in the Lesachtal as a Loncium guests. We have the best tips and fishing tickets for you.


What fly fishing is all about

Contrary to other kinds of angling, fly fishing uses light bait, the so-called flies. They weigh virtually nothing and thus require a special casting technique. Different kinds of flies are suited for equally different types and techniques of fishing. Local fishing stores have all rods, bait and all accessories you need.


Top tips for fly fishing in Carinthia

Are you already familiar with the various spots for fly fishing in Kötschach-Mauthen and its surroundings? Here are some of our personal favourites – you can get your fishing tickets directly in the hotel:

  • Luggauer Böden – for easy-going fishers
  • Patern Aue – the classic
  • Bärfalle – “The Gorge” in tough to access, untouched nature

More information (in German): flyfish-gail-lesachtal.com


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